Ari Hinnant's Faked NY Times Story About Me

By: Matthew Chan, Last update: 1/19/2011

This page actually should not exist at all. There was originally no such link or page on my website. It only exists now because it is the link being distributed by a malicious online stalker named Ari Hinnant from Louisville, KY. The link is attached to fake newspaper stories (about me!) which she is distributing on the Web.

She is using a plagiarized USA Today article written by Wendy Koch from November 19, 2007, to hurt my reputation except that the original USA Today article has nothing to do with me or my name in it!

My name was inserted and rewritten into this plagiarized and fake article. The fake article was renamed and re-credited to a non-existent NY Times reporter named Kelly Wright from Chicago (with a 4-year old daughter) whom I supposedly dated.

The story of Ari Hinnant, my vindictive online stalker, is well-documented in my blog posts from 2009.

As a businessman who values his reputation, I find her claims and stories about herself quite outrageous. They were outrageous to begin with and her story about me is equally outrageous. The easiest way to refute the story is to visit the United States Dept. of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW).

Quoting the website:

The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), coordinated by the U.S. Department of Justice, is a cooperative effort between Jurisdictions hosting public sex offender registries (“Jurisdictions”) and the federal government. These Jurisdictions include the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the District of Columbia, and participating tribes. This Website is a search tool allowing a user to submit a single national query to obtain information about sex offenders through a number of search options.

In other words, you can quickly type anyone’s name into this database and verify if they have been a convicted sex offender. I am happy to say there are no search results that come close to my name. And for anyone curious, “Matthew S. Chan” is NOT a pen name. It really is my legal name which I use publicly.

If that isn’t good enough, you can visit:

which has links to all 50 states Sex Offender Registries where you can do a name search.

This is four times now that I have caught Ari Hinnant peddling this fictional New York Times story about me. This article has been removed from other websites for very obvious reasons. Since Ripoffreport does not remove posts, I have to take the time to expose this “story” for the sad, pitiful joke it really is.

If you read the “story”, you will find that it contains numerous obvious inconsistencies.

1.    Would the NY Times really cover an unknown person like me? Would they cover a story that has almost no association or connection to New York?  For that matter, with thousands of sex offenders being convicted each year, what makes this particular story so special?  The New York Times is a BIG, respected, newspaper read around the world.  They don’t cover small-time, rinky-dink stories.

2.    Would The NY Times really put a direct link to my bio on my website?  In all of the NY Time articles I have written, I have never seen this. They are not in the business to direct Internet traffic to anyone.

3.    I read NY Times articles nearly every day online. The quality of writing and editing is always very high with authentic articles and well-credited. This fictional article is poorly written, fragmented, bad grammar, bad punctuation, and has misspellings especially in the first sections of the article.  In fact, if you read this fictional story carefully, entire passages are plagiarized from other news articles.

4.    Who is this “Kelly Wright” from the New York Times?  I can find no one by that name associated with the New York Times on Google. Ironically, the article also states a “Kelly Wright” that I supposedly dated in Chicago. Is this the same “Kelly Wright” of the NY Times who supposedly wrote the article?  Or is this supposed to be a different “Kelly Wright”?

5.    Would any reputable reporter actually use a direct bio quote from a self-promotional website as mine?  “Matthew S. Chan is the CEO of Ascend Beyond Publishing and the author of several business books, manuals, and audio programs.”  I doubt it. A reputable reporter would use different wording and not plagiarize my bio. At the very least, it would be properly attributed.

6.    Would any reputable reporter write a sentence within an article, “The reason I'm writing this story is to bring light on the millions of undetected child predators.”?  Reputable reporters are never part of the story and would certainly not write in the first-person.

Taken in its entirety, anyone with any kind of basic, analytical ability can quickly deduce that this faked NY Times article is a total sham. Anyone can verify the sex offender status of anyone within the U.S. 

Although I dislike having to deal with a kook making up stories about me, it has given me the opportunity to expose Ari Hinnant to her ongoing tricks. In many ways, her fictional article has helped substantiate what I have said.  The article she created is so blatantly bad that it simply does not stand up to any kind of reasonable scrutiny.

LATEST UPDATE: 2/27/2013

I am doing my best not to propagate this crazy online fight further but unfortunately I have to periodically monitor this nutjob's online activities where my name is concerned. I could easily make another blog post but I would prefer to keep my coverage of this nutjob to as few web pages as possible. That means I have to tack on updates here for now.

On her Wordpress blog:, there are only 2 blog posts. Both are about me. The article "how-to-drop-kick-your-stalker-by-ari-c-hinnant" is another fantasy that really doesn't hold up to scrutiny. I am being called a "professional stalker" this time in addition to all the other nasty and false names she has given me. Her second blog post, "How to Save Your Life" is yet another plagiarized article she uses to embed my name. Most of the text comes from here: How to Prevent Becoming a Victim of Crime which is on How convenient of Ari Hinnant to lift another article than to write one of her own. At least, I have the good fortune of having a defamer who makes a habit of plagiarizing other people's articles as she poorly embeds my name and integrates her fake stories about me. The internal logic of her stories about me continue to be outrageous and entirely fake. Anyone who has a critical mind can figure this out quickly.

1. Ari Hinnant claims that being in the media, she gets stalked. Except you can't find anything media-related or anything reputable about her to begin with! I have more media presence than she does!

2. She claims to have met me at a conference. Which one? What date? She doesn't name the conference or date at all. It's all so vague. I haven't been to a conference for a few years I am sad to say. Read her other posts and stories about me under her many aliases and multiple personalities. The conference story never comes up until now. Another lie.

3. She tells people to file a police report against their stalker. Where is her police report against me? Oh wait. She migrates from Kentucky to South Florida. I am in Columbus GA. It would be hard for her to file a police report on someone who lives nowhere near her.

4. She accuses me of sending death threats. Really? Where are those emails? Why doesn't she show those so-called death threats to the police? I would if I got one. I call her a liar, scammer, and a defamer. I do it in open public using my name and face.

5. She says I invested money into stalking her? How? It cost me no money to write about her online scamming activities. The emails she sent me were comfortably analyzed in the comfort of my office. No travel needed.

6. She claims I invested thousands of hours running an online campaign against her. I have devoted many hours writing to DEFEND her fake stories about me. Aside from my earlier statements of accusing her as an online scammer, I have NOT gone on any offensive because it is a waste of time. The other online complaints about her were written by other people who have a beef with her. Anything I had to write about her, I have signed my name to. I don't need to to it anonymously and I haven't. That is what the other people did, not me.

7. She claims I came on the scene at the end of 2009. That is true. I got sick of running into her Linkedin scam of promoting her so-called ebooks and called her out on it. And it has gotten ugly ever since. She wants to get revenge on me except that I won't stay silent and let her defame me. I have only written this update because I had to stumble upon her ridiculous blog that was created for the sole purpose of defaming me. Go check that blog out. It has only 2 "articles" both containing my name. What kind of blog is it that has only 2 articles both defaming me? Not much of one if you ask me. And what sane person would name a blog stopstalkingrapemurder? That is downright weird and creepy.

I sincerely hope that I will not have to do any more updates. But if she keeps hitting my name and my online reputation, I will have to update this again.