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Matthew S. Chan


The Rules of Publishing Have Changed and Continue to Change

The rules to get into the publishing industry are very different today than it was in years past. Before, it was nearly impossible for anyone to become an author, much less a publisher. Being in publishing meant you either had to have connections, a lot of capital to work with, or you had to learn to play with publishing industry giants. If you wanted to be an author, you had to be really good at writing and have some inside industry connections. Fortunately, this is no longer true. I am living proof of this. I have no affiliation or contacts with anyone in traditional publishing.

Technology Advances and the Internet are Changing the Publishing Industry

Through the power and pervasiveness of the Internet, Internet companies like Amazon, Google, and eBay have made it easier than ever for ordinary people to easily and affordabley promote and sell their products to the general public. We are no longer dependent on book distributors and bookstores to sell books.

Through the technology advances of printing, duplication, and office software, most individuals can now have their books produced and printed without the involvement of any traditional publisher.

Audio and video publishing is now possible for individuals because of the growing affordability of the CD and DVD manufacturing process.

Traditional Media is Being Wrecked

Online news sites and bloggers are wrecking havoc on the traditional newspaper industry. Downloadable music websites are wrecking havoc on the traditional music industry. YouTube is wrecking havoc on the video industry. The list goes on. Similarly, the phenomenon of independent self-publishers and micro-publishers are wrecking havoc on the traditional publishing industry.

Many Traditional Publishers are Blind Elephants

Many traditional publishers do not like this. They are largely blind elephants and do not how to respond. Self-appointed, independent publishers and authors are producing cutting-edge works bypassing the traditional publishing industry. Through accelerated self-publishing techniques, it is now possible to go from concept and idea to finished product to retail distribution within 45 days vs. 12-18 months with most traditional publishers.

Traditional publishers have their heads in the sand. As I said, they are blind elephants lumbering along. They only see what is today, they cannot see what is happening now and coming ahead. Line employees I have interacted over the years are blind and will not wake up until they realize that the traditional publishers they are working for are losing money and begin to lay them off. Looking for the next big-seller will continually to be more expensive and more difficult. The long-tail will eventually wittle them down. There will be fewer places these employees can work in unless they can adapt, become more entrepreneurial, and create value in the new publishing industry as Amazon has.

More Publishers & Authors are Needed in the New Publishing Industry

Through the Internet and long-tail demand, there is a need for more publishers and authors to deliver cutting-edge works, not the frequently outdated, behind-the-curve material that is often delivered by the traditional publishing industry. The traditional publishing industry is in trouble but they don’t know it yet. But they will. And when they do, for many, it will be too late. There are many up and coming, innovative players in the new publishing industry that will put the nails in the coffin of many of the traditionalists.

Does that mean all the traditional publishers are obsolete? No. Does this mean that traditional publishers will entirely disappear? No, not entirely. Traditional publishers will still have a place albeit much smaller over time. But like how the Cable TV industry has splintered the original 3 TV networks into the so-called 500 channels and how satellite radio is splintering the mainstream radio audience, traditional publishers and distributors will become smaller and less significant over time. The time will soon come when they will be begging for the business of independent and micro-publishers such as you and I.

They will have to learn to cut the fat from their operation and adopt accelerated publishing methods and techniques as I have had to do as an independent, micro-publisher. I will continue to refine my techniques and operation quickly because small operations can often turn on a dime.

Very Few will Criticize Traditional Publishers for Fear of Being Blacklisted

Very few people will speak up about the truth of how traditional publishers, bookstores, and book distributors work. They can’t. They are afraid of being frozen out of the system because they feel dependent. I obviously am not concerned about being frozen out because I have no plans to work with traditional publishers. They are too tough and slow to work with. If I had to beg and plead with them to get my works published, this book series as well as my other titles would have never seen the light of day.