Welcome to the Launch of The TurnKey Publisher’s Blog!

Welcome to the brand-new TurnKey Publisher’s Blog!

Because of the fast-moving nature of the publishing industry, this blog will allow me to better comment and update you on my views of the publishing industry.

Also, as my new educational products are published, this blog will allow me to keep those products current.

As this blog is being launched, I am working on the 2nd draft and revision of my TurnKey Publishing book manuscript.  I had planned on printing and publishing the book by the end of June 2008 (2nd quarter) but it won’t happen.  Because of new events and information I have learned, I have to once again go back into the manuscript to update and freshen it up.

If there are any ideas or suggestions you have regarding improving the quality of this blog, I would welcome them.  Feel free to email me.

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