Queenship Publishing Company is related to QP Distribution Inc.

During my ongoing dispute with QP Distribution, a blog reader who was researching book warehousing and book distribution companies mentioned that QP Distribution was related to another company so I followed up in my research on related companies/businesses to QP Distribution and David Schaeffer. I had always thought that QP Distribution was a peculiar name and I suspected “QP” stood for something. I had asked office manager Patty Wimmer some time ago what QP stood for and she mention something about Queenship but it still never made sense to me. She had also mentioned that David Schaefer had a publishing business but was pretty vague about it.

Well, I know why now! “QP” stands for “Queenship Publishing”. Hence, QP Distribution Inc = “Queenship Publishing Distribution”. QP Distribution was probably a business initially created to warehouse and distribute Queenship Publishing’s books and then expanded to taking on other small publisher books. I absolutely do not recommend QP Distribution for any publisher. Once you get in, you will never be able to get out in one piece. Do a search of “QP Distribution” on my blog and you will find my painful experience in dealing with them over the last couple of years.

I did a search in the Kansas Corporations database and confirmed that Queenship Publishing Company is a foreign corporation operating in Kansas but based in California with David Schaeffer as Registered Agent. I am guessing he is the primary owner of the business.

I find it interesting how secretive QP Distribution is about Queenship Publishing Company. According to the Queenship Publishing Company website, it appears that Queenship Publishing Company is focused on Catholic ministry publishing since 1993. The domain name queenship.org was first created in December 1999. Queenship Publishing’s Mission Statement is “…to produce and/or distribute Catholic books, videos, audio tapes and other material for the Catholic faithful.”

Interestingly, the Queenship Publishing website does not list any principals, contact information, or owners. It is yet another anonymous website which does not convey high credibility.


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