The Emergence of CEO Publishing

With the recent and tremendous growth of independent publishers, a newly emerging niche of independent publishing is CEO Publishing. CEO Publishing, as the name implies, is a specialized form of business publishing that is focused on CEOs. CEO has traditionally stood for “Chief Executive Officer”. However, with the growth of entrepreneurship and professionals working from home offices and smaller offices throughout the U.S., CEO also stands for “Consultants, Entrepreneurs, (business) Owners”.

Many modern CEOs no longer work restrict themselves to working for Fortune 1000 companies in a corner office on the top floor of a skyscraper in a metropolitan city. Today, it is not uncommon for modern CEO’s (Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Owners) to work in smaller offices of a company they own located in the suburbs of a modest city.

This special group of CEOs are fresh, innovative, unconventional, and daring in their approach to business. They recognize the need to represent themselves and their companies with Credibility, Excellence, and Optimism. They also understand the growing importance and significance of having their own powerful calling card, their own published book.

Ambitious CEOs know they are not only chief managers for their company, they are also figureheads. They are the most important symbol and, subsequently, the public “face” for the company and the products and services they offer. They must also become Celebrities, Experts, and Opportunists as part of their ongoing marketing efforts, not simply be the traditionally-recognized Chief Executive Officer.

Moderns CEOs are beginning to recognize the role of having a published book as their business calling card for their credibility marketing and educational marketing efforts. For Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and business Owners, having a published book is the new business calling card for the 21st century.

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