Ari C. Hinnant is Definitely a Fraud and Scam Artist

In my earlier article on Ari C. Hinnant and the website (now defunct and replaced by, I strongly suspected and was 95% sure that she was a fraud and a scam artist.  However, today I am absolutely sure of it would bet my life on it.

In the few days since she contested my claims, she has gone to almost entirely a cash basis to collect payments using MoneyGram for the moment.  She had the Amazon payment option but that looks like it got removed.  I suspected that it would not last long since Amazon and other payment vendors has excellent fraud detection.

She has certainly revealed more by posting this “C. Hinnant / Zkari |  Louisville, KY 4022″ as the person all money orders should be made out to.

I must say that watching this 46-year old woman make a mockery of her name and throwing her incredulous claims around is mind-boggling.  I never knew there were so many payment vendors around but she is quickly burning through them all.

An it appears she has made an enemy of Jennifer Cole (twitter jcole711) because there are several tweets trying to warn others of Ari Hinnant’s fraudulent claims that Oprah has jobs for people.

For the people who are wondering why I would waste any time writing about this.  It is simple.  I am trying to prevent others from being scammed and victimized.  And if they have been victimized and scammed, to let them know other people know about it.

I know it is sort of a sick activity watching a scam artist at work but I can’t help it because it is out in the open!  You just have to read the contents and pay attention to the details of (now and you will understand what I am talking about.

The latest update I have is, Ari is now on using am Insight Phone cell number of 502-690-4685. The mailing address she uses: 277 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480-4007 is from an RSVP Pack & Ship facility in Palm Beach, Florida.




Ari Hinnant Posts (I don’t want to propagate this crazy 2009 incident any further but to protect my online reputation, I have to list these links for people that don’t know the my unfortunate history of calling out this online scammer.)



  1. Hi Matthew. I’m a bit new to the whole publishing world as I am a new author. Have a few poems published but then who doesn’t these days?

    I’m interested in this Ari person. From what it sounds like she/he is taking money from people who need it the most. I for one can not understand people like this.

    I will be sure to stay away from this person and make my writer friends aware as well.

    Good night.

    Maria Solida

  2. She is definitely a scam artist and I am not surprised to find this when googling her name. She has another website called Same strange claims…

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