Character Smear Campaign by Ari C. Hinnant

This is another “waste of time” post, but I have to cover myself by being transparent.

It appears that Ari Hinnant has is carrying out her threats to smear my name through fake stories of my being a pedophile, child rapist, and molester. Anyone knows if I was, in fact, these things I would be reported and registered in the state Sex Offender databases around the U.S.

It is simple enough to check anyone’s Sex Offender background on:

She sent me this email last night.  Please note that she has not stated what “offenses” I have supposedly committed.  She is just going to report me to the authorities.  For what I ask? For telling the truth of her online shenanigans?


I have reported you to the FBI, BBB, All your social networks and local police.  I will be taking further actions against you and your business. All future correspondences will be forwarded to the FBI and my attorney.

Ms. Hinnant

My initial response to her was this:


What exactly will you report as you are the one who has been scamming people and lying to people with your products?  You have impersonated people.  You plagiarize people.  You hire people without paying them.  You get shut down by ecommerce companies.  In fact, I caught you and the proof is posted.  I suppose you will go make something up as you continue to do. I have screen shots of payment companies shutting you down and so forth.  I am keeping records on everything you send me.

You brought this on yourself.  If you had not persisted in spamming the business area I was in, I would never have investigated you.  I could not stay silent while you tried to take advantage of the community I participate in.

I have no wish to waste any of my time coming across your fake posts and messages.  I see you have removed your website so I am willing to “hide” those blog posts.  But if you persist on, I will spend money on information services to dig out more personal information on you.  I don’t want to waste my money but if you are hell bent on tarnishing my reputation by concocting stories, be prepared.

It is your choice how you want to proceed.  Believe it or not, I have much better things to do than to keep investigating you.  I am willing to stop but you need to stop engaging in your fraudulent and spamming activities where I participate.  You let me know what you want.  This can all go away quickly.  But if you want to do it the hard way, then I can play hardball too.

I have way more to report on you than me.  The only way you can report something on me is if you fabricate something (which I know you have already done).  Do you want to escalate this or do you want to back it down?  I prefer that everyone go back to their own lives and mind their own business.

Matthew Chan

My second response to her made today was:


I have seen evidence of your handiwork on the whole Pedophile accusation thing.  Everyone knows if I was, in fact, a pedophile, I would be required to register my name to the state and I would have a criminal record.  I am happy to say that, aside from the occasional traffic ticket, I have no criminal record which is easily verifiable to anyone who cares.

Just realize, I am printing screens of everything I find from you.  As usual, you have taken to impersonating other people to make these accusations. This is very transparent. If and when it comes to the point where there is “enough” evidence or destructive behavior, I have every intention to seek criminal prosecution not simply make online reports.

At this point, I am willing to let everything go away.  But just realize if you persist, I will be an aggressive fighter and I will reach out to your family and friends to inform them of your shenanigans. Believe it or not, I don’t have an axe to grind here but if you perpetuate in this smear campaign, I will become very angry.

If I find more fake smears, then I will no longer give you a courtesy warning.  You can simply expect I will be taking actions to the fullest extent I am able.  There will be no warnings anymore.

Matthew Chan

I have made screen prints of everything I discover along the way. Thus far, she has attempted to smear my name on:

  • Scribd
  • Twitter
  • ArticlesBase
  • RipOffReport

There is probably more on the way that I will have to keep track of.  I will be updating this post as I gather ongoing evidence.


On May 17, 2010, I received 2 fake comments on this blog post by “Zorro” who uses the name “Ann Alloria”. WordPress is an impressive piece of software and reveals a lot of information regarding anyone that posts comments to this blog. Look below. The IP address and ISP being used is identical to the ones I listed before relating to Ari Hinnant and all the other aliases she has been using.

Author : zorro (IP: , E-mail :

Whois  :


I’m read and have worked with Ari and she’s amazing and I love her books. I think you have the wrong person.  All her books have a money back guarantee… so, I’m confused about what you’re talking about.

I heard that Matthew who owns this blog is a child sex offender and thinks that Ari is another person who wrote an article about him.

Ann Alloria

Author : zorro (IP: , E-mail :

Whois  :


I actually know Ari and she is a wonderful person. She has given away over 50,000 books to the poor.  I’m confused, how can she scam people if she sells books and has a 30 day money back guarantee?

Anyway, I heard that Matthew (Owner of this blog) is a child sex offender and someone named Ari wrote an article about it and he is blaming the wrong person.

Believe what you want, I love her books and I know her personally.

Ann Alloria

I also found independent complaints/reports on Ari Hinnant / Ari Zkari that I found to be good reading. One relates to Living-in-bliss and the other is Verifiee.  Apparently, she engages in sexual services too. I wish I could take credit for this report but I cannot. Someone else besides me have found Ari Hinnant’s behavior disgusting and unethical and felt the need to report on her.


Ari Hinnant Posts (I don’t want to propagate this crazy 2009 incident any further but to protect my online reputation, I have to list these links for people that don’t know the my unfortunate history of calling out this online scammer.)


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